May 14, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Chamber to set policy on special event funding"

In light of the news that Vail and Beaver Creek have just been approved (see next post) for game-changing and major infrastructure improvements to their mountains, a move very similar to roughly fifteen years or so ago when they blew right past the Aspen Skico with the their "Be Bolder' campaign that grew into their "It pays to be bolder'  intiative; it will be interesting to see how long the tourism marketing vendor of ACRA holds out on this news today off the Aspen Daily.

Sounds like the same greed-based tunnel vision of 'Aspen's trough hogs' who privately think more of their bottom lines than they do investments for the future.

Want to bet that Vail Resorts blows right by the Crown Family once again?

With 'flat sales' and numerous other woes that come from finally having the general population stand up to the big power and big money controls,  the Aspen Ski Corp just might be in their first ever precarious financial position.

Carolyn Sackariason:
"After allocating $200,000 this year to two upcoming special events, officials from the chamber of commerce believe it’s time to set a policy that will dictate whether funding for future requests meets the organization’s mission of marketing the resort.

“A lot of requests have been coming at us and we’ve been responding to them,” said Julia Theisen, vice president of sales and marketing for the Aspen Chamber Resort Association. “There will be times that we have to say ‘no’ to special event requests.”

She is currently writing a funding policy, that in part will address what the return on investment is for certain events. Theisen said there has been a significant uptick in financial requests from organizers of small events, along with a few big ones.

“We are close to capacity in terms of what we are spending on events,” she said.....:"
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