May 14, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Sheriff has provided info to the media"

I'm pretty sure most Garfield County supporters of Sheriff Lou Vallario are aware that he is not all that comfortable in the political aspects of his role.  As he states in every election cycle, 'he's a cop, not a politician'.

But his personal feelings do not change the fact that citizens feel more secure and more at ease with the changes and issues they see all around them when it is Sheriff Lou's voice they hear first and his presence that they see.

The folks feel the same frustration with local news reporting that Sheriff Lou is speaking of in his Letter to the Editor today.

Allow me to lend a hand toward the mutual effort of open communications within the county.

In addition to the information provided by Sheriff Vallario in his letter to the PI today, here are some links to direct to source news releases:

Garfield Public Info: 

GarCo Sheriff website: (and)       

Grand Junction Daily Sentinel: (Dennis Webb covers Garfield County)


Garfield County official site:

Police blotters are also found on all Swift Communications publications by clicking this link and then scrolling down the list until you get to the 'Police' section:

Blotters can also be found (usually) on direct access to your local law enforcement agency websites.

This post of mine will reach over 10,000 unique readers and followers this month.

Wonder if self-gratification in using the power held in a news editor's hands, by having the controls of the only local newspaper is worth the damning public relations that upset voices raised in alternate media bring to our community?

Wonder if it will be all that much longer before the employers of the staff of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent start taking serious stock of the major problems they continue to have at the PI?

Wouldn't it just be easier and in the public's best interests for the Glenwood Springs Post Independent to just do the job they choose to have,  in ways that serve the overall good of the majority? 

Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario:
"I recently read a story in the Post Independent about the Garfield County Sheriff's Office (GCSO) investigating the naked man or men on some of the local trails in the Carbondale area. The story profiled an anonymous victim who made a comment about why we haven't been getting this information out to the public.

We certainly understand her concern and fears. That's why, since the first reported incidents in 2008, all responses on the part of the GCSO that have warranted an offense report have been provided to the local media via our regular press release process. Further, a Crime Stoppers flyer, complete with a photo taken of a possible suspect, was also provided more than once.

Have you seen any of this information in the local media? The fact is we do provide the information to the media, but the sheriff's office has no control over what they deem newsworthy.

So, to the victim interviewed in the Post Independent story as well as all of our citizens, please ask the question of our media, “Why aren't they getting this information out?” The GCSO has been providing it and will continue to provide timely information as this active investigation continues. If anyone would like to receive the same information that we regularly send to the media about all GCSO cases, contact Tanny McGinnis at or go to our website,, for a complete listing of public releases.

As I understand your frustrations, I would like to personally invite every citizen to attend a personal safety meeting to address any concerns. Join us at 5:30 p.m. on Tuesday, May 15, at the Carbondale Fire House. This will be a 45-minute personal safety presentation followed by a 45-minute open discussion for citizens to voice their concerns...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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