May 14, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Vail Daily News "School board rejects first in line of teacher appeals"

In addition to teacher led foreign language programs being replaced by the equally high caliber of learning foreign languages  through technology based teachings; our public school systems could also outsource physical education departments at significant savings to the education system.

Especially in outdoor rich environments such as what we have here in Colorado.

Middle School and High School Athletics could instead be revenue generating, tourism drawing athletic clubs.  Volleyball, basketball, golf, skiing, tennis and so much more.  Highly likely to have a lot more participation from kids due to the social aspects.

Read the next post following very closely and coming off the Eagle County Times.

How about you?  Would you rather find superior education means for a number of programs in our public education system and return their funding to the basics of education or continue to do nothing unless budget cuts force the issue while meantime, back at admin the lavish spending of tax dollars continues?   

Randy Wyrick:
"EAGLE, Colorado — In the middle of Teacher Appreciation Week, the school board Wednesday upheld a decision to lay off Nancy Bujnowski.

The foreign-language teacher has spent her entire 21-year career at Eagle Valley High School. She's four years from retirement.

She and the district's other two foreign-language teachers are all being replaced by a computer program, Aventa, for which students must pay at least $150 per semester, the district said.

The board's unanimous vote followed almost two dozen people — students and adults, alike — asking the school board to save Bujnowski and the other foreign language teachers, citing the importance of foreign language learning in an increasingly global economy. They pointed out that foreign-language classes are where students learn English-language grammar and syntax.

“They're not getting it in English classes,” said Dr. Chuck Vogel, one of Bujnowski's Eagle Valley teaching colleagues, citing several university studies...."  (Read more? Click title)

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