May 16, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Crystal one of 'most endangered' rivers"

Scott Condon:
"REDSTONE — A national environmental organization named the Crystal River one of 2012's most endangered rivers in America on Tuesday because of the threat of dams and diversions.

American Rivers ranked the Crystal as the eighth most endangered river in the country for 2012. Its status as one of the last and largest free-flowing rivers in Colorado is in peril, according to Matt Rice, Colorado conservation director for American Rivers.

The Colorado River District and West Divide Conservancy District hold conditional water rights that could be used to build the 4,000-acre-foot Placita Reservoir; a similar-size reservoir on Yank Creek, a tributary of the Crystal River; and a water diversion on Avalanche Creek, the largest tributary of the river. The Placita Reservoir would be about four miles upstream from Redstone....."
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