May 16, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Garfield sheriff: Hikers shouldn’t be deterred by exposure cases"

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It's with both dismay and a troubled awareness, that no matter how far over the line the same individuals go when commenting online and/or in their Letters to the Editor, authorities do absolutely nothing about the Anita Sherman's (see her comments today on Sheriff Vallrio's meeting here) aka 'JustAnita' aka 'MomMakingChange' who appear to be willfully hurting others to the point where there really is intimidation out here that prevents people from coming to public meetings and expressing themselves openly.  

There are only about a dozen or so of those types of bullies in our area communities, yet from the serious protection authorities and news media give them, one would think they were a majority.

As always, Sheriff Vallario's reaching out to the public over any issue is appreciated.

With that said, sooner or later regional law enforcement is going to have to address the problem that they just simply do not seem to want to admit to.

In Garfield, Pitkin and this side of Eagle county they really do have a widespread problem of anonymous voices that look to themselves for protective needs and who will not risk their way of life falling into the hands of the mentality of gang bullies by showing themselves publicly except in ways that don't tie them to their avatars and LTE's. 

Until that problem is addressed with more presence and more action, terrific meetings like this one will go largely unattended.  In very much the same as what took place publicly over the Strawberry  Days 2011 bust and the free reign of a "40 year old" drug culture in Aspen.

With the above said a shout out of thanks to GarCo Sheriff for the meeting and the cameras.    

We'll once again thank the few law enforcement we have in the Valley that don't put up with the extremes some go to and also rely on the trusted and respected pen of investigative journalist Dennis Webb for this story. 

Over on the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel.

Dennis Webb:
"CARBONDALE—Recreationists shouldn’t let reports of naked men and indecent exposures stop them from enjoying local trails, Garfield County Lou Vallario assured some Carbondale-area residents Tuesday night.

“Be a little more prepared, be a little more aware, take some precautions, but you need to do what you enjoy in life,” Vallario said at a meeting designed to update people on the incidents and cover means of self-protection.

.....Vallario told those at the meeting, “You shouldn’t be afraid to do things in your life. You shouldn’t be afraid to do things in Garfield County.”.....

.....Sheriff officials say a spate of cases of indecent exposure on trails around Carbondale and in Glenwood Canyon began back in 2008. Several have been reported this spring on three Carbondale-area trails.
Authorities believe several men are involved, and are trying to determine if any of them are involved in multiple cases.....

....Vallario noted that none to date have involved crimes any worse than public indecency or indecent exposure.

“Right now we have no other reason to feel that we have anything more aggressive,” he said.
The sheriff’s office has been sending plain-clothed deputies on trails and using remote cameras as part of their investigation.....

....One camera produced a photo of an unclothed man and investigators released to the public an edited version showing him from the shoulders up. They since have identified him and have arranged to interview him.

The man, who also was seen walking, clothed, around Carbondale Tuesday, is only a suspect at this point and his name hasn’t been released.

.....Vallario said authorities aren’t ruling out the possibility that some of the incidents might involve some sort of ritualistic activity involving nakedness that hikers stumbled upon, but an indecency charge still would apply.... (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within the news others make since 2010."


Anonymous said...

Got to wonder what Sherman's husband really thinks about his wife putting their name on trash like that letter today.

Thank you to Garco Sheriff for making the effort on this meeting. Good to know that one of the naked man flashers has been identified.

hammerandnails said...

Personally anon, I've always been somewhat grateful to the PI for banning me off the old hub long before the really nasty ones like justanita and buddies starting stalking everybody from the downtrodden and vulnerable to deputies and cops at election time. Ugly thing to watch and it was kind of the PI to boot my derriere for talking truth on everything from o and g, bias in the media and real problems with public transparency in our tourism bucks. Not surprised at all to see the vulgar and crass Ms. Sherman be so bold and brazen to slap her name up on public letter like this. Still real ugly to watch though. Pathetic that our only newspaper still chases that kind of trash instead of supporting the good causes of law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

well I have to wonder about Sherman's racist views. She wants Sheriff Vallario to arrest white people for their crimes but doesnt want him to arrest illegal alien gang banging criminals that are in our community. Under the guise of "peaceful undocumented worker" what a crock of crap that is.

gws44 said...
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SandBoxBlogs said...

44 and 'anonymous':

44, I just can't handle that kind of content comment. I emailed you a copy of the comment you replied to anonymous with and did so to the small mailbox. From there, you can communicate directly.

Anonymous, that is a publicly known email address of You can email direct with gws44 from there if you wish to know what she replied with.

Thank you.

rockabilly19 said...

I'll run with you on that anon. Us poor white crackers turned bottom feeder trailer trash living in the west end of garco never get any slack cut by the cops. I find it racially insensitive that some naked fool running around the trails of garco is getting more attention from Anita Sherman than me, my family, my cousins and granny are in our singlewide.

Every single time a cop comes up to me and says "show me ID son" I have to pull it. Depending on what I was doing to draw attention things might get a little dicey. give me liberty or give me death.

things keep up in shameless Anita Sherman's world like they are right now I'm going to run right out (granny's going to drive because of the aforementioned episode) and see how to get me one of those peaceful undocumented worker status. Hook up with Anita and check out feeling the breeze between my knees. can't go back to the trailer anyway because the wife don't look kindly on illegals.

FCE said...

I think I'm just totally grossed out by that visual concept.

reted said...

This letter and the post independent posting it for public view, in light of the content of the naked men problem and our having frightened women, uncomfortable women out on our trails, is crass, near soft porn in Sherman's content and deserves public ridicule and condemnation. Anita Sherman's extreme imbalance in her views and how she pursues her prey of law enforcement and citizens who do not suit her aggrandized view of herself is cause for concern. Ban this woman off the air waves and keep her letters from being published.

gws44 said...

I'm sorry, Nanny. It's just so very hard to stay quiet over such abuses. Of course I will be glad to communicate directly with anonymous through the smalltown mailbox.

So many people hurt by such as the likes of ill intended people serving their own agendas. Such as Anita Sherman in the face of a public meeting from a Sheriff with a heart of gold who has protected his county better than any other.

I look forward to the day, reted. When a woman as base as that is banned from public spectacles like this letter she wrote.

Anonymous said...

I just received something that I encourage everyone to google. Its called "all in one guide to defeating ICE hold requests". Its about a 47 page document but I would bet money that Sherman and her crony Hess have read it and implementing it. Talk about "chilling effect"

It talks about targeting the local Sheriff and that its important to sever the relationship between ICE agents and local law enforcement

scary reading if you ask me pretty much criminal activity

Basically it is showing people how to thwart Federal Law

mack said...

Want even worse, anon?

The thing you just put up on thwarting ICE and holds got passed to my house through the usuals on this hub last year when ICE had the audacity to arrest Centeno and pull off Sherman and friends "massacre at Strawberry Days". That's one of the reasons Lou and the other cops have such a hard time getting folks to come out of shadows and talk. There's a lot of power out there, lots of power that backlashes to good people who don't want to live under things like what's happening in Delaware to the cop above, like what happened to Agon and like the backlash to Arpaio nad his cops.

Chilling effect is happening right here in both the front and back yards up and down the corridor and valley.

Anonymous said...

You know I have heard something about that story but had not read the complete article


vet68 said...

here's one for everybody. love the pumped up fist punching the air from Norma of the many names. somehow I don't think that the good wishes expressed here to use the year ICE gave wise and well and be sure to be knocking on ICE's door a year from now to turn herself in is going to happen.

Anonymous said...

I doubt it and I love how the papers say she "BORROWED" another persons birth certificate. Actually she stole someones identity and therefore is a "criminal"

Anonymous said...

Proven by law enforcement, tried rightful by all laws upheld in the courts and convicted by that same due process of the charge of identity theft. After all that, still shown the grace and benevolence of ICE allowing a year reprieve. ICE gave that, Ted Hess did not win it.

Rights that because we are the greatest nation in the world and the most fair in our justice system are afforded to all on our soil.

Even the illegals. I take high personal offense to the power fist move in the CIRC pic.

Almost as much as I've always taken high personal offense to the prostitution of our justice system by people like Anita Sherman when they write letters in public like she just did.

glenwoodsprings22 said...

billy: I'll be sure to let your employer know he needs to re-e-verify you.

First time I heard about the passing around of the how to break an ICE hold information was about the time that my wife, nails and I stopped doing business with anybody that hires illegals. That's a direct attempt to thwart federal justice and should be prosecuted by DOJ every time they catch somebody using it.

I don't what to make of the sheriff in Delaware problem and the war on Arpaio except say we have less than 6 months to go before we have a new POTUS. His first job needs to be the firing of Eric Holder.

blindtuu said...

Why did this woman need an ID card?

Denver Post has the answer:

"BASALT — Norma Galindo Gonzales wanted to get past the ID-checking doormen at dances in 2005, so she made a bad decision. She was arrested when she tried to use a friend's birth certificate to obtain an identification card at the driver's license bureau in Glenwood Springs.

She had been in the country for 14 years without any form of identification. By borrowing a friend's ID, she did what many illegal immigrants resort to to work, open bank accounts, shop at Sam's Club, drive or have a normal social life in the United States: They share identification. They use made-up or stolen Social Security numbers. They rely on forged documents that are readily available on an immigrant black market or are passed through family and friend networks.

"It was a mistake. I recognize it was a bad mistake," Gonzales said last week."

To get into dances and past bouncers?

This is what CIRC is posturing as an upstanding and respected community member? I think vet68's right. This woman is not going to be knocking on ICE's door a year from now. As far as her son's scholarship and community standing? We have academic full rides in our valley every year. Legal ones as Hector is, but if his parents who are both illegal put him through our public schools and signed anything for that scholarship, they had to lie. Those are sworn affadavits. ICE should be re-looking at this one.

FCL said...

I guess I have a really hard time with the pumped up power fist after hearing that the reason ICE gave her leniency was based on her son's merit. This is a woman who wanted to get into dances without the hassle of being bounced for ID. (See Denver Post) Then mis-used the power of two groups like CIRC and AJUA. If she was credible to be able to rely on her son's merit, then she would not be disrespecting the system as she is. Sorry, but I'm not buying any of this. Norma Galindo Gonzales actions do not back up her talk.