May 16, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Colordoan "Oil debate also about who represents us"

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"Save a gas rig.  Opt for fair representation. Vote Sonja Linman (D-Garfield County)

Pedro Ramirez:
""I am extremely conservative. But this, I don't believe, is a conservative or liberal issue. What this is about is where we live. We all breathe. We all drink the water." Dale Bisceglia said this in the Coloradoan’s May 6th story on oil development in Windsor. I agree with Bisceglia that it is “about where we live.”

It is also about who we elect to represent us in government. Many conservative politicians want to dismantle all regulations and give industry free rein to do as they please without any or little regard to impacts on workers, families, our children, and our environment.

After World War II, the greatest generation helped build our nation into a great place to live and prosper. They fought for worker protection, equality, and justice. They enacted environmental protections and ended legally sanctioned discrimination. They gave us great public schools and universities that opened the doors of opportunity for many of us without saddling us with a huge debt at the onset of our careers.

Fast forward to the present. Conservative politicians demonstrate more allegiance to Grover Norquist and billionaires than they do the good of our country. They promote discriminatory immigration policies, propose eviscerating environmental protection laws, propose selling our public lands to the highest bidders, eliminate worker’s collective bargaining rights, and demonize our teachers. All this in a concerted effort to privatize just about everything.

It is all about where we live and the political fallout is now in your backyard....."
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