May 10, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Eagle Valley Enterprise "America's First Ladies have great stories to share"

Sharyn Smith:
"...It was fascinating to learn what the wives endured while their husbands governed. Many of them were left to care for children and farms or plantations with minimal help. Long separations and financial hardship was often the rule. Often husbands found it difficult to earn a living while they were in government service. Early government wages were nonexistent or minimal, but expectations were that the Presidential families would host lavish entertainments at their own expense. Sometimes the families were expected to pay to furnish the White House.

Here are a few facts about the earliest first ladies I found interesting. Martha Washington was a young widow of 27 with two children when she married George Washington. Her experience managing the plantation that she inherited from her first husband enabled her to manage and assist George when he resupplied troops from his own resources. Martha had spent time at many military camps by the time she went to Valley Forge during the harsh winter of 1778. Her presence and interest in the soldiers boosted camp morale. Martha's severe case of measles early in the marriage is one explanation why she and George never had children of their own....."  (Read more?  Click title)
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