May 10, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel/Breaking News "Silt Mesa family’s suit against Antero dismissed"

Bill and Beth Strudley's quest for wealth via Antero Resources has come to an end.

'bethatesantero' aka 'MrsDick' aka Beth Strudley can now move forward, we hope she does and leaves regional chat rooms.     Best wishes to her as she does that.

Congratulations to Antero.

Dennis Webb:

".....“Though the evidence shows existence of certain gases and compounds in both the air and water of Plaintiffs’ Silt home, there is neither sufficient data nor expert analysis stating with any level of probability that a causal connection does in fact exist between Plaintiffs’ injuries and Plaintiffs’ exposure to Defendants’ drilling activities,” Frick wrote in this week’s ruling.

Her decision comes after a previous order last fall giving the Strudleys’ attorneys 105 days to produce evidence addressing her questions about exposure and causation.......

......Their attorney, Corey Zurbuch, called the judge’s ruling “extremely disappointing.”

“We found it surprising. We’re looking at our options for appeal,” he said.

Dan Dunn, an attorney representing Antero, said, “Antero’s confidence in the judicial/legal system has been confirmed and justice has been done. Truly our judicial system has worked and delivered a very just result.....”  (Read more? Click title)

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jbend said...

This is the best news in a long time. With all the dumping being done on cops that don't deserve it and the hits we're taking from prosecutors making news in the wrong ways to have a big win come down on a bogus lawsuit that the PI hailed as the next coming for a couple years is priceless. Feels great, couldn't happen to a nicer couple than Bill and Beth. Congratulations to Antero.

gws44 said...

Now this is good news. Here's a couple who had not a shred of evidence that was out of normal bounds in any way against anyone in the oil and gas industry. Used their kids like bait and said very public and terrible things against anyone who had a different opinion. For years. Run off just about every decent thread of comments because Darwinism rules. Beth Strudley is a bully who loves attention and a microphone. Gas industry, school and education, gossip and anything where there's a feed frenzy of predator trolls. Never anything with constructive to talk points it sometimes took an entire hub to speak up and then ignore her before she trolled off to prey another day. I'll run with Antero on this one. Finally justice has been served against this woman who drug her family through all the attention when it was obvious from the get-go it was about Beth, not a factual case. Congratulations to Antero on this. Maybe we'll all get really lucky and the new PI publisher will do some housecleaning of biased news editors and reporters that let this stuff run on and on. Sounds like we don't have to worry about the courts. Pretty hard to appeal circumstantial and we've got a ton of judges in the area that are growing more used every day to dealing with this kind of use of our courts. I agree, Nanny. Beth, just move on down the road, my house is really grateful some of your old haunts have been shut down.

glenwoodsprings22 said...

Never thought I'd miss the old PI hub. But when you get somebody as bad as bethatesantero preying for years only to stop because she's thinking she's got a lawsuit against Antero, it's tough to have her start lurking around clean forums like this one and not be able to let people see her for her own works. Tx for sending the copy of the fauxtrage you got from her today, Nanny. Not just good news that Antero won but good news to see ol' mrsdick hasn't lost her compulsions. My guess is that it won't take long before she finds lots of places to prey and play and the world will once again get a good look. Smart not putting it up, she should appreciate that. Give the folks the fair chance to let her do her own exposing. Really good news is what I say, jbend. So far every bogus claim from these groups has been dialed down and caught. Big OandG needs to keep up that offensive. Even good to see that BLM and USFS tactics for dealing with these kinds of people and groups is working. Just let them run their course and then grant the leases they were always going to give in the first place. Not much press op advantage at that point and they can just be ignored from that point forward.

mack said...

Great news! Just like a lot of other cases and stories in the valley, this would never have even ramped up to Strudley getting any traction at all if she hadn't been championed by the PI daily gossip rag. Antero should sue for fees. If they don't, it's just another example of why Colorado needs to adapt the same law as Perry did in Texas. You bring a dog that don't bark, don't hunt to the table then you pay all the costs of the folks when you lose.

Anonymous said...

That was an interesting peek, Nanny. Thanks for sending it over. Just because Strudleys didn't like living next door to o and g (wonder why they live in Colorado then?) was the motive for all the press op and lawsuit time. Everybody who knew that family knew they had nothing wrong with them that was caused by anything remotely connected to the industry. Nothing ever seemed to gel up on anything she said. Funny how that works when somebody has power on their side that's big enough to control others lives. Stuff drags on for years with not a single person in the system and press keeping the facts straight let alone using the facts only. I'll run with jbend and Antero on this one. Justice served and couldn't happen to a more deserving user than the mom in that family. All that's left to do is sit back and wait and see how many faux investigative reports Colson milks out of it. Maybe we'll all get real lucky and the PI's new publisher will clean out the news editor and a couple of reporters so we don't have to have that in the daily newspaper.

Anonymous said...

Silt has to be rejoicing and dancing in the streets. Got Strudleys to move and the added bonus of a slam-dunk defeat on behalf of Antero.

FCL said...

And she's off to the next nearest viral microphone!!

jbend said...

of course she is. have they seriously looked at her maybe having munchausen by proxy syndrome? hw many times has her name shown up in your tracker today, nanny? she's going to appeal because she's getting attention you know. maybe Bill can sit on her this time. we could be so lucky in the general public. watch Colson leap thru the hoop now.

SandBoxBlogs said...

It's been a busy and multiple interruptions day today, 'jbend'. I really know better but it just slipped by me that posting her would encourage her. So, you're right, buddy! Post ability now blocked.

As for the other, that would be 94 hits so far since posting it yesterday late in the day. All of them with variations of bethatesantero, beth antero, strudley antero, etc. on only the name thing.

There are only 3 Antero hits and are determined as such by their being the ones that have the judges name, lawyers names and Antero company name. Remember, I don't track IP's.

Thanks for the reminder. Let's give Antero and all big oil and gas a break, shall we?

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