May 31, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Running for their lives"

Jeff Casperson:
"Nanci Limbach was the child who would bring home a squirrel that had been hit by a car, hoping to nurse it back to health.

As an adult, she's tending to animals of all species and sizes.

Limbach, founder and executive director of the Pauline S. Schneegas Wildlife Foundation in Silt, is one of the state's few caretakers of ailing and displaced wild critters.

Bears, bobcats, elk, hawks, eagles and pretty much any other wild animal you can think of have passed through the foundation since it opened in 1984. An estimated 5,000 wild animals have been rehabilitated and released.

And Saturday's Run/Walk For Their Lives 5K footrace is your chance to help out. The annual race is one of the chief fundraisers for the foundation, a nonprofit named after Limbach's animal-loving grandmother, that relies on the community's financial support to remain afloat.

Perry Will, Glenwood Springs area wildlife manager for Colorado Parks and Wildlife, is certainly a Limbach backer. He's worked closely with her for the better part of three decades.

“Rehab was in its infancy at the time she got started,” he said. “Nanci expressed a desire to do that. It morphed into the whole wildlife foundation she now has.”

Without the foundation, area critters would meet a cruel fate....."
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karainlongmont said...

Thank you, Jeff Casperson for giving Nanci some coverage. She's a warm, loving and wonderful person who has done one of the most significant services to Garco that there ever has been.