May 31, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Vail Daily News "Teva Mountain Games start today"

Chris Freud:
"VAIL — Try to top that.

It's a game that the Teva Mountain Games has been playing rather successfully since its inception as the Jeep Whitewater Festival many years ago. That said, rafting toward a keg of beer at the end of Dowd Chute, no matter how noble the pursuit, wasn't hard.

But how do you top last year's steep-creek championships, which start the 2012 edition of the Mountain Games, today at 10 a.m. up at Homestake Creek near Red Cliff?

Honza Lasko, of the Czech Republic, and New Zealand's Michael Dawson tied for first in the two-run race down to the hundredth second — 3 minutes, 34.62 seconds.

Try doing that again.

OK, probably not, but the Homestake race kicks off four days of mountain sporting events, which should provide plenty of chills and definitely some spills. What was originally a rafting event is now a confluence of biking, running, whitewater, climbing, fishing and dog sports....." (Read more?  Click title)

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