May 31, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Grand Avenue Bridge down to four options"

Yes, Virginia.

There really is going to be a new Grand Avenue Bridge.  All the weeping and wailing done over the years trying to prevent really was pushed through well over a year ago when the folks 'staged a coup' and sat a near-clean sweep of city council via 'whispering campaigns' and the democratic process held in the power of the individual voter.  Not to mention some pretty nifty strategy of keeping the best candidates unopposed.

A special thank you goes out to CDOT for having the patience of Job.

Here's to the little guys.

Let freedom ring.

Heather McGregor:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS — Engineers and community leaders have winnowed the 11 alignment options for a new Grand Avenue Bridge down to four, including one option to build a new bridge right where the current bridge is today.

The Colorado Department of Transportation is slated to present the four options at a community open house and meeting next week, with time for people to ask questions and express their views on the bridge options.

The agency has budgeted $59 million to design and build a new bridge replacing the city's primary route across the Colorado River.

If all goes as planned, the planning process will run through fall 2013, followed by a full year to develop the final bridge design. Construction is expected to take up to two and a half years, from early 2015 until fall of 2017....."  (Read more?  Click title)
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