May 31, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Steamboat Today "Howlin' Howelsen kicks off 2012 Steamboat Springs Town Challenge"

Luke Graham:
" — Peter Kalmes quickly realized his advantage probably was everyone else’s, as well.

Like many Steamboat Springs mountain bikers, Kalmes took advantage of the light winter, biking up Emerald Mountain on hardpack snow. By February he was in Moab to ride on dirt, and come March 1, he was a fixture on his road bike.

“I feel a lot stronger because of the dry spring,” said Kalmes, who proved to be the fastest rider Wednesday in the opening event of the 2012 Steamboat Springs Town Challenge Mountain Bike Race Series. “I knew, and now I really know, that everyone took advantage of that. It made a difference for everyone.”

Wednesday’s Howlin’ Howelsen race predictably saw a little of everything. Old stalwarts battled the Emerald Mountain course that began at the Brent Romick Rodeo Arena and meandered its way over a series of trails before finishing the ascent to the Quarry via Blair Witch and then heading back down.

The race even featured one rider sprinting across the finish line, flat tire going one way and chain going the other.

Then it had the final competitor across the finish line — long after everyone left to have a post-race beer — sporting an old-school Nishiki mountain bike with fenders and no sign of any suspension....." 
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