May 31, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "The lodging Aspen needs"

What makes Aspen Daily News stand so far and above either the Aspen Times or the Glenwood Springs Post Independent?

Sure, being the only locally owned and locally operated  print news media in the Valley goes a long way toward the Daily holding it's spot as 'local favorite'.    

But where the bar stays set so high is in the quality of the Daily's opinion columnists and reporters. 

Terrific column from Jeremy Madden this week.  Speaking up once again about "The Other Side of Paradise".

Jeremy Madden:
"In last Friday’s Aspen Daily News, Curtis Wackerle wrote a piece titled “Can high-priced Aspen support a low-priced lodge?” Curtis’ story chronicled the endless debate about what direction Aspen should take when it comes to optimizing its lodging options in regards to its past, present and future.      

As usual, the dialogue of the discussion seemed to deviate somewhere between those who want to embrace exclusivity, elitism, and all the accouterments the 1 percent reign down upon the town when they so givingly grace us with their presence, and those who want Aspen to be a more affordable and accepting destination that is accessible to the less entitled.

Unfortunately, as I read the story, I didn’t see anything about the lodging that Aspen needs. We like to think Aspen is a model community and a leader in living, and the rest of the world should strive to stand in our shadow. We like to see Silver City as a shining city on a hill and an example for others to emulate. With mind, body and spirit we want to believe it is a better place. But as much as we try, we all know that’s not quite true. In fact, it has now become quite clear that Aspen is no leader at all.      

It used to be some sort of a secret. Not so many people knew. Well, at least it was seldom, if ever, spoken about. But over the last few years that has all changed. Finally, it has gotten the attention it deserves
. It had to happen. After all, death is something that cannot be completely ignored.     

After years of simmering under the surface like some dark family secret, discussion and dialogue about the local suicide rate have started to come to a boil. After years of thinking that Aspen is a great place to live, we are starting to realize that Aspen may be an even better place to die.        

With her sky-high suicide rates, Aspen has a serious problem. Say what you want about how wonderful Aspen is, but as a city, a society and a community, Aspen is obviously failing. Too many friends, family and loved ones are falling victim to their own hand.     

While some may be wondering what suicide has to do with lodging in Aspen, to me it is clear. As a resort community we’re so concerned with the welfare of our guests that we often overlook the welfare of ourselves and our own loved ones. Maybe it’s time we take a break and stop thinking about the tourists to take a little time to think about ourselves.      

If you do, you’ll realize the lodging Aspen needs is not for tourists or any other far-flung guests. Nor does it have anything to do with how much one can pay for a night’s stay. That’s because the lodging that Aspen needs is a permanent, well-funded homeless shelter....." 
(Read more?  You should.  Click title)    

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