May 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Newsmax "Rep. Chaffetz: Cut DOJ Funds Now"

Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter:
"Eric Holder's Justice Department should not be allowed to use taxpayer funds to lie to Congress about its role in the controversial gun-walking program known as Fast and Furious, Rep. Jason Chaffetz tells Newmax TV.

The Utah Republican introduced an amendment to the Justice Department appropriations bill to cut the money from its budget, which passed the House 381-41 on Wednesday. Also approved was an amendment to cut $1 million from budget for its actions on Fast and Furious.
“You shouldn’t be using federal taxpayer dollars to lie to Congress, Chaffetz said in the exclusive interview. “We still have 40 Democrats or so disagree with that.
"The bottom line is you can’t lie to Congress and when the DOJ sent Congress a letter on February 4, 2011 and then, later — months, months later — had to rescind that because they knew that they had lied to Congress.

"Congress has got to stand up for itself," said the two-term congressman.
“It has to hold the DOJ accountable and they need to fulfill that subpoena. We were trying to reaffirm that the whole notion that the administration needs to come clean on Fast and Furious with that amendment....”
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jbend said...

Must be the week for historic prosecutor scandals. Has there ever been a DOJ cited for contempt to a congressional hearing? They do realize that cutting DOJ funding no matter how much it's deserved cuts off Fed agencies? Isn't DEA, ICE, US Marshals, wit sec and ATF funded off the DOJ budget? Unbelievable. Just impeach Holder or fire the guy.