May 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Intellectual Conservative "The Artificial Eight Percent Unemployment Rate Is Immaterial"

Christopher Adamo:
"Liberal media minions are atwitter over the manufactured unemployment statistic which has been steadily lowering in recent months and now approaches the eight percent milestone. Prominent conservatives have also noted the suspiciously timed “drop” in the nation’s unemployment, and are expressing dismay over its blatantly fabricated nature. Yet at the same time they are concerned over its possible effects on the reelection prospects of Barack Obama.
Such apprehension is understandable. Historically a sitting president’s chances for reelection are nil when the unemployment rate exceeds the eight percent threshold. More significant to the present situation however is the fact that the ostensible improvement in the nation’s employment debacle is clearly contrived. The books are being juggled to a degree that makes Enron accounting look downright virtuous. Yet nowhere among the nightly news anchors is it suggested that such manipulations coming from the highest levels of the federal government might be a breach of the peoples’ trust, or more accurately, evidence of a political strategy based on total deceit.
Lengthy analyses of the raw numbers, combined with “revised” data compiled over the past several months, undeniably reveal a serial pattern of falsified government bookkeeping for the purpose of putting a positive face on the unprecedented disaster of Obamanomics. Key players within the Obama team, abetted by their media lapdogs, ominously foreshadow intentions of buttressing the shameless hoax with those unemployment numbers, their end goal being to present the public with a rosy picture of the nation’s economy on Election Day in order to convince everyone that the bliss of Obama’s America needs to be perpetuated....."
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