May 11, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "McAbee: Heartbeats"

Powerful and moving piece from Jeff McAbee today.  Over, up and down on the Summit Daily News.

Jeff McAbee:
".....But the story doesn't end there.

Taylor was an organ donor. After she was declared dead, doctors went to work removing her heart and finding a match among the long list of needy and hopeful recipients.

They found a match in the person of Patricia Winters from Arizona. Ms. Winters, a mother of two, literally got her life back when doctors put Taylor's heart in her chest.

The story got national attention when, through the Internet, Taylor's mother was able to find out where Taylor's heart ended up. A meeting was arranged, and in a powerful catharsis for the Storches, Taylor's parents listened to her young heartbeat in the chest of the woman in front of them...."
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