May 4, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Red State "Jill Biden: Government Oversight for Thee, Free Markets for Me "

Ben Howe Diary:
"Barack Obama didn’t believe in government healthcare mandates…until he did. He didn’t think we should spike the football on Bin Laden…until it was time for reelection. Joe Biden thought Obama was ill-equipped for the job of President…until he took the job as his right hand man.

Yes, the ability for this administration to say one thing and do another is nothing short of astounding. Apparently this sphere protecting the executive branch from any lasting accusation of hypocrisy also extends to the executive spouses.

Take for example President Obama’s recent targeting of colleges that prey on veterans.
They survived insurgents, terrorists and roadside bombs. But President Obama is worried that many military veterans who made it home from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are now being targeted by unscrupulous for-profit career colleges. Mr. Obama plans to fly to Fort Stewart in Georgia on Friday to sign an executive order intended to help protect active-duty troops and veterans from deceptive and misleading practices..
(emphasis mine)

To be clear, I know nothing about these institutions. They could be great, they could be awful. But I do know why Obama doesn’t like them and that is quite simply because they are “for profit” which really gets in the way when you are trying to nationalize student loans and higher education.

Luckily for Jill Biden, the rules governing the awfulness of these institutions are kept out of the administration’s hypocrisy protection sphere.
Northern Virginia Community College is the latest two-year institution to announce a partnership with the University of Phoenix, with the announcement yesterday of a transfer agreement. Students from the community college will get a tuition discount when they transfer to Phoenix, according to a news release. They will also be able to tap the for-profit provider’s prior learning assessment offerings, which can grant college credit for prior training and work experience. President Obama, who has often been critical of for-profits, has visited Northern Virginia five times for photo ops and to give speeches. Jill Biden, the vice president’s wife, is a professor at the college.
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