May 4, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Denver Post "Denver woman's legal path to U.S. includes eight months in Mexico"

Nancy Lofholm:
"Julieta Quiñonez no longer has to be afraid she might be stopped and detained while driving to the grocery store. She can work a job that makes use of her college degree. She can do more than dream about becoming a lawyer.

Quiñonez, 25, gambled with her life eight months ago by returning to her native Mexico. It was a frightening step she had to take so she eventually could live legally in the United States with her citizen husband, Juan Evangelista, and 2½-year-old son, Aidan. She went through nearly half a year of anguished waiting in Mexico. But she is now a green-card-carrying legal resident of the United States....."
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MR said...

Thanks for doing it the right way, Ms. Quiñonez.

jbend said...

Ever notice how these immigrant rights groups and activists like Sherman never give honor or appreciation to the immigrants who do it the legal way? You'd think they would have special awards or places on their websites and blogs to talk them up and honor them. Never see it anywhere.