May 4, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Colorado: Civil unions bill wins key committee vote"

Unfortunately, it looks like this may have stalled in the Senate and won't make it out before closing session.

Summit Voice:
"SUMMIT COUNTY — Colorado’s proposed civil unions bill this week cleared a significant hurdle, winning approval in the House Judiciary Committee where a similar measure faltered last year.

The Committee passed SB-2 with the support of Republican Representative B.J. Nikkel, of Loveland, who joined all of the Committee’s Democrats in voting in favor of the bill.

“Today’s bipartisan vote is a tremendous victory for gay and lesbian couples across the state,” said Brad Clark, Executive Director of One Colorado, a statewide organization advocating for gay and transgender people. “We applaud Representative Nikkel’s courageous vote for all families. She is the new face of the Republican Party — a party that’s quickly recognizing that civil unions adhere to a core conservative principle: The less intrusion into personal liberty the better.”

“We look forward to a robust floor debate by all of our Representatives in the coming days. Issues with overwhelming public support like civil unions deserve a full up-or-down vote,” said Clark...."
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Anonymous said...

Republicans boosted it high enough to pass:

gws44 said...

It's a "tremendous victory" for the majority of conservative voters in the state. Gay couples are the recipients not the victors. It is the same gay couples and the extreme fanatics on the liberal left that have made this go on and on for so long. This passing is "tremendous news" for the State of Colorado and I'm a proud conservative as I see it pass. There is simply no confusion at all, except what propoganda and fanaticism put there in: "No to same sex marriage, compromise with civil unions (let's not forget that it is marriage that Colorado gays really wanted in the first place)"

Same way there is no confusion at all in: "All of the above" when it comes to energy needs.Same as there is no confusion at all in: "Uphold the laws we have and secure the border. Then sit down and reform immigration" i.e. the fast lib's get that done, the less Norma's we have to deal with. Liberals are the party of hate when it comes to media and bias. Always on the bandwagon to drive up the rhetoric through the roof but never seem to be able to just answer the original question on each hot issue with solutions.

I send my thanks to the lawmakers on both sides who finally cut the rhetoric of gay extremists and fanatic liberals so they could just write a law that everyone could live with. What a shame it took so long.

sumfu said...

I'll go out on a limb and speculate that gays in America would have every state in the union on board for civil unions and get themselves out of constant court litigation if they would recognize the constitution. They could have had this out of Coloradans years ago if they had dropped the trying to force and demand same sex marriage drama. This social problem is like medical marijuana. Until federal and constitutional law changes, states will not win. What bothers me about these kinds of crusades is that they lose all objectivity and forget the simple question at the root of the problem. Same sex marriage and change the constitution? Or civil unions to deal with the logistics and give the ability to live normally while working for constitutional changes without dragging all other orientations into their drama? Pretty basic and I'll run with 44 on this one. Too bad and it's a shame that Colorado gays wasted so much time getting this one pulled off.