June 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "County weighs scenery, safety and ethics in Koch guardrail project"

As Mayor of Aspen and now as a Pitkin Count Commissioner, there have been times over the years that Rachel Richards has made comments on various local issues and left locals scratching their heads in bewildered confusion.  Such double speak!

But this one: 

Andrew Travers:

"“Do you have an unsafe road because you don’t have a billionaire in the backyard willing to pay for it?” she asked...."  (Read more?  Click title)

(sighs...rolls eyes....)

Pity poor Bill Koch.

A multi-billionaire (sheesh...will the newspapers ever get it right?? After all, if they're going to slam the guy at least get the facts straight..) who would much rather put his efforts and power behind saving lives on Castle Creek Road than stroking the wounded egos of our Pitkin County Commissioners.

One has to truly wonder where Commissioner Rachel Richards priorities lie.

And whether or not if Koch stepped up and offered to pay for all roads in Pitkin County to have all necessary repairs whether she would change her tune and do her famous "Richards Two-Step" dance.  Probably so.

Funny how that works, though.  Pitkin County could opt instead to simply change their priorities.  Such as the million  dollar + purchase of still yet more "recreational use" land that just hit the news over the past few days.

One would think that the lives of Pitkin residents would be a higher priority.

Pity poor Bill Koch.

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