June 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Garfield County sets deadline for medical marijuana regs"

Nelson Harvey:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS — The Garfield Board of County Commissioners has set itself a June 18 deadline to approve land use regulations for medical marijuana growers in the county.

The commissioners are required to approve zoning rules before July 1, when a two-year countywide moratorium on medical grow facilities expires. The commissioners enacted the moratorium in 2010, and let voters weigh in on three medical marijuana related questions in November of that year.

Voters approved allowing medical marijuana growers in unincorporated areas of the county, but rejected dispensaries and manufacturing of marijuana infused products.

Although Commissioners Tom Jankovsky and John Martin seemed ready to move forward with regulations at their Monday meeting, Commissioner Mike Samson expressed reservations.

Jankovsky said he had seen medical marijuana start to “trickle down” and become available to local young people.

“I share Mr. Jankovsky's concerns about the youth of this county very much, and I have grave concerns,” said Samson.

Commissioners considered several questions about where grow facilities should be permitted to locate, including their proximity to local schools, parks and places of worship. They also discussed whether to allow grow facilities in parts of the county zoned “rural,” and whether grow facilities in Garfield County would be permitted to sell their products through dispensaries in other counties...."
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