June 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Cayman INews: "Feds say traffickers moved meth, money to Colorado in milk cartons and wire transfers to Grand Cayman"

"Two large drug trafficking organizations authorities say were run by a brother and sister were taken down by federal agents and 22 people were indicted by a grand jury for their part in transporting methamphetamine and cash from California to Colorado.

Twenty of the 22 indicted were arrested Wednesday in metro Denver, California, Iowa and Utah without incident.

More than six pounds of methamphetamine and $715,340 in cash and property were found by agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration, the Internal Revenue Service, the FBI and Immigration and Customs Enforcement in an operation they dubbed “Dark Angel.”

The drugs were being transported in organic milk cartons and in one case, a child travelling from California had cash strapped to his body to avoid detection by law enforcement.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Robert Troyer alleged Armando Mendoza-Haro and his sister, Reyna Mendoza-Haro were running the two organizations using Playboyz Trucking LLC, a San Bernardino, Calif.-based company to move the drugs and cash to Colorado....." (Read more?  Click title)


sumfu said...

This is a huge, huge bust. Nice job. Keep on course and keep going.

Anonymous said...

concur. They're busts are hitting harder, getting bigger and making a real dent in trafficking in Colorado. The cooperation between fed agencies and local agencies is key. Pitkin County Sheriff Joey DiSalvo, can you hear us now?