June 8, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Morning photo: Oceans"

Where's 'SandBox Nanny'?  lol. 
Between having a limited cell signal "somewhere deep in a hidden volcanic lair up in the high mountains of western Colorado" and surgery on her fractured wrist; 'SandBox Nanny' has been MIA.
Thank you so much for your emails and  text.  Shouldn't be too much longer before a directional antenna takes care of the signal problem and my hand improves and heals daily.
Let's start this very long day of blog posts off with Bob Berwyn.  Over, up and down on the Summit County Citizens Voice.
All credit Bob Berwyn (Click title).

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sumfu said...

You're not stuck up in the hills. You're living up in paradise. Get back to work, girl because you're sorely missed out here.