June 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Grob rises above the rest"

Darryl Grob will be the best Pitkin County Commissioner we have ever had.

Just imagine a world where a PitCo commissioner uses practical, common sense reasoning and thorough research before making a decision. A construction oriented thought process that uses logic and problem solving skills on behalf of the highest good of getting resolution and forward movement for all.

Gosh, we might end up leaving behind the crazy displays of  politics and ego.  Such as the "Great Castle Creek Guardrail Conspiracy" of Rachel Richards.

Go, Grob!  Just vote Grob.  

Willard Clapper:
"Dear Editor:

It is truly rare to see a group of concerned citizens running for any office with the character and integrity manifested by the four men running for Pitkin County commissioner this year! I say that with a real sense of knowing as I have watched a large number of these elections and they typically do not offer the slate of capable candidates that this election does.

I could cast my vote for any one of them but firmly believe that Darryl Grob would be the best choice for county commissioner from the lot. I first met Darryl shortly after he arrived in Aspen as he joined the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department. He rapidly became a superior firefighter, a captain and ultimately the Fire Department's first and only paid fire chief.

At that time it was essential that we hired someone from within to oversee the huge task of building four new fire stations and retrofitting our entire fleet of firefighting apparatus. Darryl fit the bill perfectly and completed those tasks with amazing proficiency — come by and visit our Hopkins Avenue station to see the legacy of his work.

Darryl is the kind of commissioner that I feel fits the bill for Pitkin County, as well. He is meticulous with his attention to detail. He is a tireless worker who will never be unprepared for any meeting, any decision nor any discussion on the street or in the chambers. He is relentless in his research, leaving nothing germane to the issue unattended....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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