June 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Mediation unable to resolve Encana, Thompson dispute"

Let's hope the outcome on this one is the same defeat as the Strudley family.   Isn't it about time that Colorado passed the same type of frivolous lawsuit laws as Rick Perry has instilled down in Texas?

The rising costs of heating our homes, gas prices and all needs every American has when it comes to using energy sources daily deserve to not be forced even higher because of ridiculous lawsuits like  this  one.

Good wishes to EnCana USA that their winning streak on this one continues.

John Colson:
"RIFLE, Colorado — A court-appointed mediator has been unable to resolve a dispute between Porcupine Creek landowner Thomas Thompson and Encana Oil and Gas (USA), a drilling company operating on Thompson's land.

As a result, according to spokesmen for both sides, the matter appears headed for trial.

Thompson and Encana disagree about the cause of a 2011 flood along Porcupine Creek, which flows through Thompson's 40-acre property south of Rifle.

Thompson maintains that the flood, which he says caused $700,000 in damage to his property on both sides of the creek, happened because EnCana did a poor job installing a culvert/bridge over the creek for an access road to its drilling sites. The flood damage is uphill from the culvert.

EnCana, however, has said that its culvert had nothing to do with causing the damage, and that repair costs should be more like $75,000.

Thompson ordered the company off his property in March, and Encana won an injunction to force Thompson to let its crews resume work on the drilling rigs. But Garfield District Judge James Boyd's ruling did not grant the company legal permission to start fixing the creekside damage unless it obtains Thompson's permission....." (Read more?  Click title)

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