June 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "Glenwood's Fourth of July fireworks may be canceled"


Maybe that $20K saved this year will go direct to the local Salvation Army, Catholic Charities and Feed My Sheep!

How soon this community forgets certain scandals brought about by certain powerful individuals.  How long ago was  it that the grant fund was run dry by GSCRA and the city had to step in?  Two years now?

The point, is that fireworks in Glenwood Springs should be privately funded and the city budget not dipped to cover the costs.  This works out, at $20,000 to over $1,200 per minute.

With record unemployment, record homeless and hungry and still struggling after nearly 5 years of a local economy that is still dragging itself back up; the City of Glenwood Springs has no business wasting money on fireworks nor should crucial tourism marketing dollars be used to fund the display.

At least now, in the year 2012, $20,000 will not be wasted.

Say NO fireworks directly to your councilman and be sure to vote NO in the PI's online poll.

John Stroud:
"GLENWOOD SPRINGS, Colorado — The city of Glenwood Springs may join Aspen in canceling its Fourth of July fireworks display next month due to the extreme high fire danger.

“As a result of discussions between myself and the fire chief, and an inquiry from the mayor about whether we should have them or not, it is on the agenda for our meeting next Thursday,” Glenwood Springs City Manager Jeff Hecksel said.

Glenwood Springs City Council will formally discuss a possible cancellation of the fireworks display at its June 21 regular meeting.

Meanwhile, Gov. John Hickenlooper on Thursday signed an executive order banning the use of private fireworks and open burning statewide because of the dry conditions throughout Colorado...."
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Anonymous said...

Colorado has some of the highest unemployment, foreclosure, homeless and poverty level numbers in the nation. But still our gluttony continues when it comes to the few and the proud scarfing up the tourist and lodging dollars. When it takes just a couple bucks a day to feed two people at feed my sheep imagine how far $20 large would go.