June 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Note from Nanny " Moderation trust, bones that mend and back to the future"

You've been terrific 'kids' while I have been laid low with my fractured wrist and surgery.

Yes, I know I have a mailbox full of your comments to moderate and post.  I promise I will get to those very soon. 

The other issue many of you know has been a factor over the past month is that I now live in a mountain area that  has limited cell and internet signal.  That issue has now been remedied thanks to the kindness and aid of 'chirkers' (bless his welding guy happy soul) who has put together a sturdy 'directional' antenna that attaches to my wireless.  What a talented guy and so appreciated. 

Because you have been so good and not bombarded me with 'Nanny...when will you get back? (and) 'Nanny', hurry up!'...I am going to take the blog off the global moderation only posting safeguard I've had it on.  You can go back to direct posting and I'll get caught up with your moderated comments as quickly as I can.

Thank you to all who've sent 'old bones' jokes, you're really hilarious.

Let's get caught up on some of the action that affects Coloradans and get some new posts up.  

"Unapologetic pursuit and tracking of patterns within news others make since 2010"

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