June 19, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "CMC sticks with its rejection of compressor station"

Should Pat Chamber run again for CMC Trustee, just say YES.

One has to wonder what defines 'education' in the Trustee's  eyes.  The loss of $12,000 in revenue per year that would pay a lot of overhead on our local CMC campus.

Remember, this is a dispute over a noxious weed infested patch of land that even the donor's families refuse to maintain and our Trustees do absolutely nothing with.

What's on the agenda for this ground  if no revenue is generated off it?

Another few decades of continued neglect or is there some secret campus expansion or learning mecca planned for the spot?

Inquiring minds want to know exactly what  'education' is set for this land.

John Colson:
"News of the lease was met by an uproar among students, faculty members and landowners living near the college, including ranchers who had donated land for the school's campus back in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

The furor prompted the trustees to reconsider Jensen's agreement.

Less than two weeks after the May 14 meeting, SourceGas filed a lawsuit asking a judge to force the school to allow the compressor station to be built on campus property. The company also asked the trustees to consider a proposal to put the compressor station at a second site, near the school's water tower.

The majority of trustees this week appeared unswayed by the threat of continued legal action against the school.

“We're here to do education,” said Trustee Kathy Goudy of Carbondale, “and this is not education.”..."
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Anonymous said...

That’s relief to taxpayer dollars being rejected by cmc trustees.

Until they bring forward something to replace it the loss is about nothing but education.