May 22, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Lofgren relatives seek to unseal evidence used in grand jury probe"

Chad Abraham:
"The attorney for relatives of the Denver family who died from carbon monoxide poisoning in a mansion east of Aspen in 2008 is seeking to unseal grand jury evidence for use in their civil lawsuit.

The deaths of Parker and Caroline Lofgren and their young children, Owen and Sophie, sparked a year-long grand jury investigation that led to felony charges against two Pitkin County building inspectors and a Glenwood Springs business owner.

Chief Judge James Boyd of the 9th Judicial District in November dismissed the criminal cases against former county inspector Erik Peltonen and Marlin Brown, the owner of Roaring Fork Plumbing and Heating (the misdemeanor case against the other county worker was dismissed earlier). The cases were dismissed because of a statute-of-limitations issue.

The ruling freed the civil lawsuit, which had been stayed until the criminal case had been resolved, to resume.

Denver attorney William Hansen is representing Hildy Feuerbach, Caroline Lofgren’s sister; Jean Rittenour, the mother of Parker Lofgren; and Frederick Feuerbach, Jr., the father of Caroline Lofgren. Hansen filed the petition to unseal the grand jury material on Friday in Pitkin County District Court.

“We want to see everything” that Chief Deputy District Attorney Arnold Mordkin used in the criminal prosecution, Hansen said Monday. Mordkin does not oppose the release of the material but cannot do so without a court order, Hansen said...."  (Read more?  Click title)

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