May 22, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Grand Junction Daily Sentinel "Colorado immigrant advocates plan driver’s license push"


Finally, there is a CIRC campaign everyone should be able to embrace with eager, open arms!

Drivers licenses for everyone!  Including illegal foreign nationals on american soil.

Just walk into any drivers license bureau, tell them you have no ID and are here illegally.  Let's then issue a drivers license that is electronically flagged the minute it goes into the system for any reason (just like legal folks DL's....).

Want to cash a check?  Get a job?  Admit yourself to the ER? Drive a car?  Register a child in school?

Just pull out your handy drivers license that is electronically coded and the United States of America will know exactly where you are.  Just like they know where every legal American is. an excellent idea.

Now all liberal supporters of illegal foreign nationals, we've just documented so let's stop inhumane human smuggling, secure the borders and sit down at the table for a conversation on humane immigration reforms.

via Grand Junction Daily Sentinel:
"DENVER — Immigrant advocates in Colorado want public support for allowing illegal immigrants to seek licenses to drive.

The activists say they will seek a ballot measure to change a law that requires proof of legal residency to be issued a Colorado driver’s license. They say illegal immigrants are driving anyway, and that the public would be safer if those drivers could seek licenses and auto insurance.

Critics say granting driving privileges to illegal immigrants creates an incentive to violate immigration laws.

New Mexico and Washington are the only states that allow illegal immigrants to obtain the same driver’s license as a U.S. citizen. Utah grants immigrants a driving permit that can’t be used for identification, unlike a driver’s license that helps people open bank accounts or board a commercial airliner..."
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Jake said...

Isn't this how ICE caught mucho names Norma? No, wait. That was ID so she could get in and out of dances.

hotmama said...

Sure is. I've always been an advocate for giving specially marked driver's licenses to illegals. Great way to document them and know exactly where they are. If the DMV pops up a warrant when they apply, then ICE and cops are called. By all means, give all illegals american drivers licenses.