May 22, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Two felonies dismissed as judge sanctions prosecutor"

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Chad Abraham:
" A Glenwood Springs man who was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 36 years in prison now is facing only four and a half years if found guilty, after a judge again sanctioned an Aspen prosecutor on Monday.

In her ruling, Judge Gail Nichols of Pitkin County District Court dismissed the two most serious felony charges against Asa Robinson, 30.

In addition to a felony count of false reporting of an explosive — a count that still stands from his alleged bomb threat last fall at the Belly Up — Robinson was charged with two related felonies of assault on a police officer.

Nichols dismissed the latter two charges as part of a sanction related to the handling of pretrial evidence, or discovery, by the prosecution’s offices in Glenwood and Aspen. An evidence custodian for the Aspen Police Department also erroneously handled discovery, Nichols found....." (Read more?  Click title)

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Jake said...

Where is the money? Where is Pitkin's BOCC? Where is Garfield's BOCC? Where is the status of the money it costs us for every time there's been a mess on Beeson's watch? It is about the politics. That's the way it works. DA's are political. Their staff is politics governed. BOCC's are political. Judges are political. Every single one of them answers to the people they serve.

Where is the status of how much this district attorney's regime costs the folks? Why is nobody political not answering that question?

WingMan said...

It's about the job that's been awarded through votes from the citizens. Mordkin's oversight is Martin Beeson. Nobody cares about the politics when it comes to electing a district attorney. If the elected wants to use it as a springboard, then fine go right ahead. But the time in office is about the job.

This district attorney and a lot of the people serving under him are the worst we've ever had in the 9th. We've got more trouble with their cases, more major problems worthy of judge's orders on case handling, more crimes go unpunished that should be punished because that part of the problem is that bad. Worse than that we've got major cases that should never have ever gone past investigation, if they had investigation at all. We look as arrogant as Martin Beeson does and that's another very real problem. He has openly used voters in the 9th as his political step stones.

The BOCC's in all 3 counties should be raked over hot coals because they oversee the district attorney. But they aren't the problem The problem is the job is not getting done and we need it to be. Beeson has been called on for 3 years to step down. He should do that right now, let Jeff finish it out with Caloia running unopposed. Before we have any more and Judge Nichols doesn't get her hopes met. This second set of sanctions is historic and wrong and embarrassing. As far as Rick Carroll goes, I wonder if he ever washes himself because it must get really dirty down there on the ground groveling just to escape printing the truth in the news. Pathetic.

hotmama said...

This is now two sanctions. One was historic. Two is grounds for impeachment or resignation. Since we're so close to elections, Martin. Simply resign.

Anonymous said...

Historic and rare are concerns. Back to back sanctions, spanning multiple cases above and beyond the case(s) before the bench, with an unapologetic Martin in denial is deeply troubling.

The issue here goes far beyond rules and procedures. The true issue is flawed perception tied to unchecked power.

Judge Nichols is destined to not have her desire granted for this to be the end. We are so backlogged with major case trials upcoming, that in multiple cases are hopelessly flawed and tainted from within prosecutorial chambers, our civil trial dockets may not recover for literally years.

This is about the lives of true victims, alleged victims, accused and citizenry being caught up in a quagmire that is Martin Beeson's responsibility. Lives that will never recover, never see justice.

There are not enough strides made to effect change, especially when change and conforming to basic procedural rules are simply the surface scratching of the real problems underneath.

We have to fix what is already on docket while all the while the rank and file continues to charge, grow and escape controls.

An impossible task when the problem is the abuse of power within prosecution. If Martin Beeson is the patriot he claims to be, he would step aside now and let what has fallen on his watch begin the process of recovery.

guyinathinsuit said...

And now Amonette.

Law enforcement in the 9th need to be outraged not at the jury or the defense team. The loss falls squarely on Martin's shoulders once again. Lofgren, double sanctions, Snider's jury posting hate during trial and after on Facebook. Douche bags, cop-spitters and Asa Robinson. With a grand finale of Ryan and Bebb-Jones up next.

“Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the presence of God no matter what the conflict.”

It would behoove Martin to stop taking shortcuts as the devil is in the details of all truth, no matter what the conflict is.

81601 and the 9th have carried the burden of seven years of this regime in ways filled with the worst kind of public and media scrutiny out of Martin's personal beliefs. Worse, the lives of many of our citizens have been irretrievably shattered. The stigma of accusation is forever.

And now we have to bear the return of all the real voices of free speech that for years voiced strong opinions in this Valley. The return of '4MileMikey' with his PayBackPal style will be painful to watch on the Ryan trial. As a local attorney who was banned and censored in 2010 on the PI and Aspen Times, I'm grateful to be linked to his coverage.

Painful, yes. Finally the full truths coming out in a case that can only be called the worst investigation in the history of any DA's tenure? Priceless.

I'll run with 4MM's latest venture on this one.

mandy said...

TY for the link, suit. Nanny, will honor your wishes and request but I agree with suit.

SandBoxBlogs said...

Thank you, 'mandy'.

Yes, 'suit'. He is back. The pen missed by an entire community of avatars in commentary. On behalf of censored and quashed voices everywhere, I've accepted the offer to link to him from SandBox. But no posts links with comment ability will be given on his new blog, on SandBox at this time.

Comment ability on this post of mine is now blocked.