May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Times "Charlie Leonard: President's math doesn't add up"

Charlie Leonard:
"It's the nature of our politics that we allow our politicians wide latitude when they make promises about the future. More often than not, this is the triumph of hope over reason, but it's the small probabilities that sustain us in this optimism. It's because we know it's actually possible to solve problems — even if in our hearts we know certain individuals lack the courage or the competence to get it done — that we continue to give them some benefit of our doubt.

But what are we to believe when our politicians start to make promises that are beyond improbable and enter the realm of impossibility?...."  (Read more?  Click title)

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


Anonymous said...

Fantastic column by Charlie Leonard whose stinging indictment of Obama and the Democrats is so well written, it could even convince a democrat. Incredibly, Aspen is becoming a hotbed of some of the best conservative commentary in the country. Who would have thought?

SandBoxBlogs said...

Incredible column. A real pleasure to wake up to in the daily ag roundup.

As far as the other, sort of restores one's faith in humanity, doesn't it?

No matter where, no matter how far. One can always hope...

Anonymous said...

There's a lot more balance. We needed it. Good to see some signs of compromise, even conceding on some points from some of our established liberal voices. As much as I dislike saying it with a lemon in my mouth, Romney as moderate as he is just might be a good choice this time around. I'm glad to see some good liberals coming into focus downvalley as well. We have a lot of policy that needs changing and that's going to take a lot of compromise. Good column out of Charlie today. We will not get there unless the cataclysmic shaking continues.