May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Colorado Statesman "Deputy DA forces surprise primary in 18th Judicial District"

Another Colorado district attorney race heats up, this time from the 18th Judicial District.

At issue is still yet more controversy sparked from the policies of outgoing District Attorney Carol Chambers and interestingly enough, another technical issue on validity of candidates.

Ben Conarck:
"It looks like there will be a Republican primary in the 18th Judicial District’s district attorney race after all.
Deputy District Attorney Leslie Hansen successfully petitioned onto the ballot for the 18th JD’s district attorney race after she failed to receive enough delegates at the district’s nominating assembly last month.

The secretary of state’s office certified 1,487 of the submitted signatures, well exceeding the requirement of 1,000 signatures.

At the 18th JD nominating assembly on March 26, Hansen received 27 percent of the vote in the four-way contest, just shy of the 30 percent threshold needed to secure a place on the ballot.

Denver attorney and JAG officer George Brauchler earned 47 percent of the vote at the assembly, in what some called an upset victory.

Hansen said she was “very pleased” to make the ballot, and that she was encouraged to petition ahead by delegates at the assembly, as well as the two other candidates who failed to meet the 30 percent delegate threshold.

Brauchler said that he had hoped he would be able to focus his efforts and resources on the general election given his “overwhelming victory,” and that he could not think of any other time when a candidate for district attorney has petitioned onto the ballot despite losing at the nominating assembly.

In response, Hansen said she didn’t think it was rare for someone to go through the nominating assembly and still petition on to the ballot...."  (Read more? Click title)

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