May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/Your Letters "Questioning PI's judgment"

Respectfully written in to the PI by Kathryn Trauger:
"In the Tuesday, May 1, edition of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent, there was a lovely, very large picture of chickens on page one. Don't get me wrong, I love animals and birds.

However, on page two was a very tiny (less than 1 inch-by-1 inch) picture of an at-large bank robber. While the quality of the photo was probably not great, since it was a surveillance photo, there was almost nothing distinguishable in that tiny photo.

I am questioning the journalistic judgment of the Glenwood Springs Post Independent editorial team. How can a chicken story that is going to appear in a later edition and a bag ban in Carbondale be more newsworthy than an at-large bank robber? This is just one more example of poor journalism that is currently displayed by the editorial team at the Post Independent."

Apparently mocking and feeling like a drip of sarcasm and arrogance; the Editorial/Publishing staff at the PI's response:
"Editor's Note: It was indeed debatable whether it was worth running the tiny, low-resolution photo of the bank robbery suspect, but if there is even a slight chance that doing so might help the case be solved, then it was worth it."
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Hmmm...another milestone in the mass exodus  of lost readers and subscribers from Swift's Aspen Times, PI and Citizen Telegram happens when?  Right. This week.  May 4th.

What changes can everyone expect to see at the PI?  That is the only one left in the local Swift family that needs to finally finish cleaning itself up. 

The Aspen Times made the break last year.  Still has issues but that's ...well,  Aspen.  Consumers expect the output from the Times.

Citizen Telegram under Mike McKibbin has shot itself out of a cannon and is going strong again.

The PI has been obviously reluctant but still cleaning up, slow but sure.  Forced by the powers that are or by such negative input from the community?  

Nobody has really cared, because the change is obviously not permanent and the ink still runs bright CDOT yellow whenever staff can slip it in. 

Things have been somewhat better since Heather McGregor came on board but she has hardly raised her own singular voice.  So, it is difficult to tell what control she has over output.  Impossible to tell what she will do as managing editor once Weatherred exists.  We hope she chooses to finally move up to her full, obvious potential. 

How about you?

Wouldn't you have rather seen a "tiny, low-resolution photo of the bank robbery suspect" instead of chickens on the front page?

Given the overall sense of safety and wellness in the county at this time, 'SandBox Nanny' would have.

Special thank you goes out to Kathryn Trauger, today.  Here on the Glenwood Springs Post Independent.

And a special wish for good luck and best to the PI staff as they hopefully seize the opportunity to make permanent and positive changes.

"Unapologetically pursuing and tracking patterns within the news others make since 2010."


Anonymous said...

here is the funny thing. The PI did not understand her letter. it went whoooosh right over their head...

SandBoxBlogs said...

Maybe instead of hiring another publisher, they will take all that money saved and buy a bunch of new equipment.

Like "whooosh" catchers.