May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Red State "Since SEAL Team 6 Can’t Rescue the Economy, Don’t Get Distracted"

Erick Erickson:
"A week ago I wrote:
Like the Great Oz, the Democrats prefer no one pay attention to the economic disaster behind the curtains. I have run a great many campaigns. Each has a real narrative focus. The goal of the campaign is to try to stay on that narrative focus and not get distracted by the team worried about losing. The Democrats’ antics reveal they are deeply worried about losing. They cannot fight on the issue that is singularly at play in this election — Barack Obama’s bungling of the economy, so they must try to force Mitt Romney to play elsewhere.
Now Mr. Obama has gone to Afghanistan to address the nation for seven minutes.

It’s hard to combat Barack Obama going to Afghanistan — his first war zone visit in 17 months — when our guy flew in a fighter jet, landed on an aircraft carrier, and gave a speech in front of a “Mission Accomplished” sign. We may know the differences, but the average voter does not. It’s not worth our time and effort trying to set the record straight because it is all a distraction anyway.

What the average voter does know that we can use are two things that are not distractions...."
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vet 68 said...

But if Seal Team 6 could rescue the economy, first one begging for that would be the current administration. That '7-minute wonder' President Barack Obama would be the first one to hit them up. The least he could do is learn how to salute properly.