May 3, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Daily Caller "It’s the earmarks"

 Michael A. Needham & Tim Chapman:
"For many conservatives, the two-year moratorium on the practice of earmarking was the signature accomplishment of the new Republican House majority. Prior to the moratorium, the proliferation of earmarks notoriously greased the legislative skids for massive big-spending legislation, empowered lobbyists and led to corruption. Now, a minor skirmish over miscellaneous tariff bills is being used by the Washington establishment to reopen that moratorium and roll back conservative advances.

Despite the public outcry against the status quo, Washington’s old bulls were never supportive of the earmark moratorium. They went along because they knew they could not withstand the political clout of a newly reinvigorated conservative movement, but being creatures of Washington, the old bulls waited patiently, knowing that there are no permanent victories in this town....."  (Read more?  Click title)

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