March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News "Listen, then decide"

Elizabeth Milias:
"It’s hardly a surprise that City Council has already decided to simply rescind Ordinance 30 before hearing a single word from the community on the pros and cons of a public vote. The March 12 public meeting and council vote on the issue are less than a week away, but in their hallmark fashion, our councilmen have already made up their minds.  Never mind what the 953 citizens who signed the petition want. Why would council listen to them? The same elected leaders who claimed victory for hydro plant bonds in a 2007 election with notoriously low voter turnout don’t want this issue decided during another off-season election. Somehow potential low voter turnout is a threat to them this time around.

Instead, they want a ballot question on the November ballot when turnout will be much higher given that it’s a presidential election. This is likely, but what is far more uncertain is what the November ballot question will be. It’s up to City Council to write the language.  Knowing these guys, they’ll craft some ambiguous non-binding blather where “yes” means “no” and “no” means “yes.” One thing that’s not likely is a clear up-down vote on the completion of the hydro plant. That, after all, is what the community really wants. And it’s exactly what council fears.

Regardless of where you stand on the hydro plant issue, please attend the March 12 council meeting and speak out in favor of a public vote. It’s the only democratic way to express the community’s will. Besides, aren’t you getting tired of these guys ruling instead of governing?...."  (Read original letter?  Click title)

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