March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent/James Kellogg "Obama's budget is a big bill for the future generations"

James Kellogg:
"...As far as President Obama is concerned, power is fortified by a welfare state full of indentured voting blocks. Taxpaying Americans end up holding the dirty end of the stick.

The U.S. national debt has surpassed $15.4 trillion. That's over $136,000 per taxpayer. Yet, the Obama budget comprises unfunded entitlements, endless deficits with undefined payment terms, and immense tax increases on the entrepreneurial class.

President Obama claims his administration is making “very difficult choices.” He proclaimed, “Every department will feel the impact of these reductions as they cut programs or tighten their belts.” We are told his plan will cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade. Yeah, right!

Did you know that $2 trillion of the president's claimed deficit reduction measures were already enacted into law under the Budget Control Act of 2011? They can't be counted again in fiscal year 2013. Besides, Mr. Obama is not even responsible for these measures. Tea Party Republicans forced those spending cuts on the president last year as conditions to approve the debt ceiling increase he wanted.

Another $1 trillion of Mr. Obama's so-called savings comes from winding down the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But these funds were never requested or authorized. It's like a minimum wage worker declaring, “I'm not going to buy a Lamborghini next year, so I'm cutting spending by $400,000.”..."
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