March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Aspen Daily News/Letter to the Editor "Don’t blow up our money"

Ruth Harrison of Aspen reminds us all that it is that time of year again when our local leaders determine whether or not we can afford fireworks for various celebrations.

The stand that SandBox maintains on this issue is this:

Just say NO.  As long as we have hungry and homeless citizens and struggling small businesses we have no business wasting a dime on a fireworks display.

There is a solution that unfortunately, our local leaders don't care to be bothered with.

Make the firework displays be self-sustaining.  If they can bring enough tourism revenue to town to pay for themselves then of course, the folks would love to enjoy them.

Until that time comes, every dollar saved on fireworks needs to go to our local food banks, soup kitchens, homeless shelters and substance abuse facilities.

(Read the letter from Ruth?  Click title)

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