March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit Daily News "Liddick: Learning is hard work"

Morgan Liddick:
"...The world is a competitive place, in which the well-prepared and vigorous flourish. Others, not so much. Our nation embraced this reality once, and it led us to preeminence and prosperity. Now, we seek to shield young people from this truth, in favor of nourishing their egos. Everyone gets a medal simply for showing up, and if one wishes to ride instead of drudging out a job, there are unemployment benefits as far as the eye can see, paid for by taxes on those who produce a profit. This must stop. What is subsidized, grows; what is taxed, shrinks.

Excellence and diligence need recognition and reward; not the empty praise that levels in the name of “fairness,” but acknowledgement of real accomplishment. This will require a sea change in our society: the acceptance of challenges as a part of life, the discipline to surmount them and the will to hard work must become expectations again. Everyone must demand it — parents, teachers, friends, everyone. Lady Gaga got this one right: We all have to put our shoulder to the wheel, persist, and understand that change of this size and importance takes time. And that making it is absolutely critical to this nation's continued success.

Or, we can just throw more money at the problem. That's worked so well in the past...."
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