March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Glenwood Springs Post Independent "A primer on the geologic history of western Colorado"

A terrific piece from John Colson.  Right here on the Glenwood Spring Post Independent.  Interesting, well written and engaging.

Well done.

John Colson:
"Barkman's presentation graphically showed how the coal- and oil-bearing formations sank over time in relation to the uplift. Erosion continued to play a powerful role in shaping the landscape.

A “large delta system encroached into the seaway across northwest Colorado,” Barkmann said.

The Piceance Basin (pronounced PEE-aunce) was in its early stages of formation, and over the past 10 million years, geologic forces raised up the Roan Plateau, and Battlement Mesa and Grand Mesa.

Meanwhile, the Colorado River carved downward through the rising earth.

The Piceance Basin now appears as a sharp depression between the Cathedral Bluffs on the west, near Rangely, and the Grand Hogback on the east, bearing northwest from New Castle.

At either end, the upward-bending formations rise to the surface, while they “sag” in the middle, Barkmann said.

“This is a really deep basin,” he added, explaining that hydrocarbon deposits reach down to sea level and below.

The basin is permeated by a large number of folds and faults, he said, which complicates the search for gas, oil and coal deposits...."  (Read more? Click title)

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