March 6, 2012

SandBoxBlogs: Summit County Citizens Voice "Morning Photos"

'SandBox Nanny' admits to a feeling of relief that today appears to be a much 'lighter' news day than yesterday.  Never ceases to surprise how news cycles into patterns.

Let's start the day off with some of her favorites from Bob Berwyn.  Up and over on the Summit County Citizens Voice.

All credit Bob Berwyn:

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FCE said...

The hunk says he'll take us to Antartica to see my penguins. I have you to thank, Nanny. And Bob Berwyn's morning photo.

Thanks for putting this one back up again. I've changed my mind on what I think the dynamic is that's going on with these two.

It's a husband and wife. He's staring at the disappearing humans and wondering why they've left him with his hysterical wife.

They are so, so cute........we'll take lots and lots of pic's for you. What does one wear in Antartica? Anybody know? Of course I need to shop.